This video was written, recorded and
released on the eve of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.
In the words of Meryl Streep: "Take your broken heart, make it into art". 

Written January, 2017 in honor of all the great leaders, fighter and lovers who made America great in the first place. 

If you like the song, please consider purchasing it.  Believe it or not, your dollar helps me continue to be an artist.  :-)

Indie Award winning recording artist Monica Pasqual presents a deeply personal album with "Is Fortune a Wheel" - a vivid, daring journey into what happens when unforgettable memories are lost by a lover whose ability to recall the past is fading.  These memories, still cherished by Pasqual, are explored through song as she navigates the art of letting go.  The album is a modern-day odyssey through love, pain, loss and the ultimate rediscovery of self. 

"If you are ever on the journey of letting go or holding on… use this record… as a compass. You can literally turn it on, not fast forward and fall in love."
- Don Reed, Producer/Playwright/Director

"... There is a rare elegance and subtle drama to her lyrics.  The melodies sway and soar, haunting in one moment, majestic in the next...Every track is a gem.  Pasqual is a very special artist, exploring love, loss and life in profoundly moving ways.  To know her music is to love it. Far more people should know it."
- Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classiccs

"Pasqual's band has delivered a truly stirring record with spartan and ethereal instrumentation and beautiful harmony vocals between her and Delgado. Deeply person and effectively emotive, "Is Fortune a Wheel" is a gorgeous meditation on love's complications." 
-Glen Starkey, New Times San Luis Obispo

"One thing you come away knowing, if you already don't, is that [Monica Pasqual] is a minstrel of high order...There just isn't going to be any filler on this CD...a serious collection of songs."   
- Marcinn,

" intelligent musician who knows what she is doing and knows how to fit it into the current musical landscape....Don't skip a minute of it."  
- Scott Prinzing, Cashouse Radio

"New folk-meets-meets-the-electronic-age blitzkrieg. To me [Pasqual} has the perfect type of voice for this kind of pairing -controlled while still having tons of personality. There's both a forlorn sultriness and unflinching honesty."
- Beth Lisick, SF Gate

"Like Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones, San Francisco's own Monica Pasqual proves that strong songwriting and stirring singing will take command of just about any stylistic setting"
- Derk Richchardson, SF Bay Guardian