Where are you with your song? Are you looking for a little creative magic or some sound, structural advice?  Let me help you discover where you might be stuck and what steps you could take to get from ho-hum to wow! 

I bring a unique perspective when listening to and reviewing your songs. My own songs have appeared in tv shows and commercials, I've composed full-length soundtracks for documentaries and I've produced  albums for other artists. I also have a successful career as an independent singer-songwriter - with 15 albums both as a solo artist and with my band, Blame Sally.  I am the recipient of several Emmy Awards for commercial music and six Independent Music Awards for my solo albums and albums with Blame Sally. 

What can you expect from me?  

First of all, I want to know what you are aiming for with your song.  Are you an independent musician who is building your own recording and performance career? Are you looking to place songs with other artists or in soundtracks?  Are you trying to write hooky pop songs or are you more interested in developing a unique sound? 

I can give you feedback on just the song (lyrics, music, structure, cohesion), or the track production, or both.  Please let me know what your specific preferences are.

Let's get started!  Click the link below and fill out the form.  You will be directed to payment options once you hit "Submit".